Just adding to the knowledge base in case someone else runs into this problem.

I recently ran into a problem using the Cinema Craft Encoder Basic version 2.70 plugin for Adobe Premiere 6.5 during export. I've been using Premiere / CCE for 2 decades with excellent results.

Way back, I settled on using MPEG-2, 1-pass Constant Bit Rate (CBR), Elementary Stream for my encodes. However, on this project, I chose a lower bitrate (4,000 kbps) since I wanted a smaller file size. When I started the encode, within a minute, received "cce encoding failed..."

cce encoding failed: CBR VBV ovf frame# 1605 (01:00:53:15) I 20152(1.2) max 17476.52(1.0) rel 2675.48 1.15 qsv 100.00->106.47

It's the first time in 2 decades, that I've had an error message like that. Tried once more and it happened again but at a different place. Figured the original file must be corrupt so I tried another file. Always received the CCE error message but never at the same place. CCE encoding might error after 30 seconds or it might error at 3 minutes. This is when I started looking online for solutions. I found a couple of similar posts regarding "cce encoding failed..." but not in regards to CBR.

I eventually thought... could it have something to do with the low bitrate? I typically set CBR between 5,000 to 6,500 kbps. for good quality. So I set CBR to 5,000 and encoded. CCE ran all the way through, no error. Tried the original file. Again, no error.

Decided to run some encoder tests and this is what I found. The lowest error-free bit rate I can set CBR to is 4,500 kbps. Any bit rate less then that (4,000, 3,500, 3,000, 2,500 kbps), will cause "cce encoding failed..."

Tried some 2-pass Variable Bit Rate (VBR) tests and never received "cce encoding failed..." message. The lowest VBR bit rate I tried was VBR Min = 1,000, Avg = 2,000, Max = 3,000 kbps

This forum has helped me a lot over the years. Just giving back in case someone is still using old Premiere 6.5 with Cinema Craft Encoder