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    My friend created a video mp4 but some how the volume to weak I turn volume to max but barely heard the sound how do I fix that problem? What software to use?
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  2. -c:a libopus -vbr off -b:a 32k -ar 48000 -af dynaudnorm,aformat=channel_layouts=stereo

    I'd re-encode the video with Videomass and the audio part dynadunorm which is dynamic normalization. It'll fix your too low or too high volume even in various parts throughout the video.
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  3. Use this

    Load your mp4, wait until analysis is done, click main, click convert Audio Stream, click volume detection
    [Attachment 65558 - Click to enlarge]

    wait until volume detection is done, then click "Go to the encoder". The Volume db field shows the max possible db increase value.
    [Attachment 65559 - Click to enlarge]

    Click convert, wait until conversion has finished, then click multiplex.
    [Attachment 65560 - Click to enlarge]

    The new created audio stream (with increased volume) is shown in green. Deselect the original audiostream (in blue) and click multiplex.
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  4. I would normalize the audio using foobar2000 (Replaygain > Apply track ReplayGain to file Content). It is a lossless operation.
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