Since EGVSR models, are the only models which VSGAN supports that use temporal information I was wondering whether someone has a collection of EGVSR models that work with VSGAN.
Only model I found so far is the upscaling model EGVSR_iter420000.pth.
side notes: it requires 'nvb and 'degration' parameters.
vsgan = EGVSR(clip=clip,device="cuda")
model = "C:/Users/Selur/Desktop/EGVSR/EGVSR_iter420000.pth"
vsgan.load(model,nb=10, degradation="BD")
(degration can either be 'BD' or 'BI', no clue about valid values for nb)

So if anyone has other EGVSR models and knows how to use them in VSGAN please share.

Cu Selur