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    I can top that.
    Ever try to provide TOO MUCH bitrate to a Cinepak file (whether AVI or MOV). Ex.: 1500kbps vs 150kbps. You don't know what ugly looks like. Even besides the 16bit total per color (banding galore). Yes it was that badly designed.

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    Originally Posted by Cornucopia View Post
    I can top that.
    Ever try to provide TOO MUCH bitrate to a Cinepak file
    I hated Cinepak, avoided it.
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  3. maybe before your time?
    Yes , it all started with wmv for me
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  4. 4k products are premium, nothing cheap or free. Since this is for home video, I suggest html5, you write simple code and the video plays in your browser. This is the best option for cheap & free especially if you use WebM codec. If you insist on 4K disc then you have to pay the cost to be the boss or stick to BD. The good thing is there are many distribution options as opposed to VHS or DVD only.

    Originally Posted by dellsam34 View Post
    I remember authoring my own wedding DVD mid 2000 from captured VHS-C video files, it took me days trying to perfect it, I even used printable disc to print out the label using photoshop and Epson CD printer, What do I watch now if I want to go back and see it? The captured files from an external hard drive, Haven't played a DVD for over 15 years. Sorry if I went off topic.
    re edit the original files, encode to mp4 (AVC/AAC) then put on USB.
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