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    I own a Panasonic DVD Blue Ray player recorder HDD its a DMR BS 850
    Workflow is capture to internal HDD a video via scart lead input, I have for example been capturing my old betamax and sVHS tapes, I also can capture current TV broadcasts.
    Anything I wish to edit and keep as .mp4 I transfer to PC using the DVD-RAM disc .
    Its a gold flecked looking CD to those that dont know. holds 4.7Gb single side write.

    All works well for 80 or more transfers then the RAINBOW blocks start.

    I use Panasonic own brand, currently on disc No 35 thanks to that problem , despite claim 100,000 writes, after maybe 200 videos transfered (approx) I end up with what I call RAINBOW. occasional occurrences of square blocks scattered across the screen, sometimes in dense patches, each block is a mix of standard bright colours (hence my term rainbow) , also there can be masses of just a bright green block, that seems new as I recall just the rainbow ones in the past, each frame sees a different 'mess' they get more then decrease over a second or so.

    A video just done has several occurrences.
    Format the disc in the Panny makes no difference.
    I just bought a new pack of 5 and the first two are terrible right from the first video, I have never had that before. First I didnt format, 2nd I did, made no difference.
    I get hold of disc 021 not used for years and see I have marked it 'rainbow', copy the video thats on it to PC. Launch VideoRedo and quick stream fix it, and red data is displayed when done. Thats telling me its afflicted....and it is. Play that DVD-RAM on the Panny and IT (THE RAINBOW BLOCKS) DOES NOT SHOW UP ON THE TV,

    I use VideoReDo TVsuite6, I copy the DVD_RTAV folder from the disc onto the PC's HDD
    double click the .vro and VideoReDo TVS6 launches, I run quickstream fix and that bonds the audio and video together, but if one sees red data thats bad news, we have RAINBOW.
    Normally its just black data, and all is good, edit the ads out or sort out sound volume etc, save as .mp4 all is good. Done thousands in the last 15 years.

    I play the file without the quickstream fix using a video player prog, Jaksta, and again there are the blocks and a sound disturbance.
    I play the video in TVS6 without doing the qsf, and there are the blocks., so the qsf didnt put them in.
    I have copied it to the PC using an LG DVD drive that works with DVD-RAM.
    I can use another DVD-RAM and all is good. I have two I have been using and all was good, fearing will the next be Rainbow and have to buy another pack if I can get them. So as such it cant be the LG drive. When I did get the issue first time I also tried my Pioneer drive and still the problem existed.

    I can use another disc and all is good, so I assume its the DVD-RAM disc causing the problem.
    I take an afflicted disc back to the Panny and play it AND THERE IS NOTHING ON THE TV WHERE THE RAINBOW BLOCKS OCCUR. SO ITS NOT ON THE DVD-RAM disc it seems.
    If the Panny was not writing it properly surely it would not play ok when placed back in the Panny. also normally a new disc sees me operational again.

    This pack of 5 just bought though are the worst ever, what a mess, riddled with the blocks.

    So what is going on.

    I am baffled. but its brought the workflow to a halt, days spent trying to get a good copy onto PC.

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    Based on my own experience, burning DVD-RAM appears to be harder on lasers than other types of recordable DVD media.

    I had a Panasonic DVD recorder with no HDD. Initially, I used only DVD-RAM for recording. As time went by, I switched to DVD-RW because it was cheaper. As my DVD recorder aged, DVD-RAM was the first type of media that it had trouble with although my troubles were different from yours. Eventually, my DVD recorder could not read DVD-RAM discs that it had recorded or spit them out.

    [Edit] Re-reading your post I realized the above doesn't really apply to your situation. However, there is something else. DVD-RAM is like a mini-HDD. It allows recordings to be fragmented instead of contiguous. If there is a bad spot on the disc it or an area that contains another recording, it is possible for the recorder skip over that section to a good unused section to continue the recording. Some PC software players can't deal with recordings that are not contiguous. PowerDVD handles playing back non-contiguous files on DVD-RAM better than others that I tried. PowerDVD has a free trial, if you want to test it.
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