I'll try to explain this issue but it's hard in italian, in english will be even harder

Potplayer and Kmplayer (and othjer players i suppose) now displays movies with less contrast and higher brightness even if i didn't touch their settings
I tried to reinstall those software, and nothing changed
I tried to switch to Windows 11 and it seems all ok but then i found the same problem

It SEEMS (probably but there is something strange) that the issue is cause by AMD drivers

On a PC with very old drivers, i can't reproduce this issue. once i updated the drivers, the issue appeared.
i tried to switch to old drivers on my pc and it doesn't seem to work but later it worked!!!
I thought i found the solution, so i reinstalled windows because i had a bigger problem (security disappeared). i installed the same drivers.....but....no. i still got the issue.

maybe there is a combination of things that is causing it but i don't know where to look and search
Maybe in some log files?

if anyone has any ideas on what to do, please tell me