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  1. I am a novice who uses a GoPro 7 and have always used 1080p 60fps video settings. I recently changed to 2.7k 120fps to get some slow motion footage and when I drag the thumbnail from the GoPro folder to my computer folder the transfer outcome is audio only. I have Windows 7 and I use Sony Vegas Pro 13.
    The files play normal on the Gopro and the thumbnail shows on the GopPro folder. How can I transfer the file to my computer and still use Vegas Pro 13 to edit?
    I am a novice and Vegas Pro 13 is all I know how to use.

    Thank you for your time!
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  2. Don't just drag the thumbnail, copy the whole file Just kidding. But really, does the file copied to PC play with video? GoPro should have provided software for previewing and basic editing, have you tried it? Very likely Vegas does not like the video format, at least it can decode the audio.
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  3. I've never installed or used the GoPro software. I found GoPro-Quick in my downloads folder but when I tried to install it I received a message stating that I needed a newer version of Windows! When I copied the 2.7k file from GoPro to computer it copied as an audio file only. Is there a free software download that will enable me to transfer the 2.7k video? I have Windows 7

    Thank you!
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  4. Originally Posted by Lonebird View Post
    When I copied the 2.7k file from GoPro to computer it copied as an audio file only.
    If the file has both audio and video - and most consumer formats have them multiplexed in one file - then it cannot copy just audio. A file is a file. It is just the player that you use can interpret audio only. Can you do mediainfo on the file and post here? Or maybe attach one of these files if they are not too large and/or personal?
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  5. Ok, so I was previously using Windows Media Player to play the file which would only play audio. I've switched to VLC Media Player where the video will start to play and then the screen freezes while playing the audio normally. The file plays just fine on my laptop which is also Windows 7. I have attached a still of the performance info from both the desktop and laptop. I am guessing that the file does not play properly on my desktop due to the amount of RAM that I currently have. Does this seem like an accurate assessment?
    [Attachment 65359 - Click to enlarge]

    [Attachment 65360 - Click to enlarge]
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  6. Have you tried Splash Player? It does not play everything, but when it works, it is very efficient.
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    I have a hero 5 and i think gopro creates some other files besides the videos ones, one is for streaming from gopro to the app (smaller size) and the other is for thumbnails, perhaps youre trying to play the thumbnail and it picks the audio from the "main" video file, mpc-hc and other players have that behaviour since the name of the files is similar.

    my advice is to take your sdcard out and use a usb reader on your pc to view/play directly from the card, also try and post some mediainfo details about your files

    Hope it helps
    I love it when a plan comes together!
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