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This is created completely in python/tkinter!

The software has been posted here for quite some time, however, I figured a thread could be useful as well!

* Encodes audio with all major audio codecs that FFMPEG supports
* Supports QAAC/FDK-AAC
* Supports batch processing
* Can accept any media file as an input and encode the selected track of your choosing
* Can do much more!

Major Changes v4.0:
* New auto encode track selector (if there is 2 or more audio tracks)
* New Streams Viewer
* New Codec Settings windows
* New batch processing feature
* New progress window output
* New Job manager
* New geometry settings manager
* New display command window
* Define save paths for tools/directories
* Update ffmpeg, ytdlp, mpv, mediainfoGUI, removed mediainfoCLI
* FDK-AAC/QAAC, while still supported, are no longer shipped with everything they need to run (due to license conflicts)
* These are just some of the highlighted changes, there is MANY changes to how the program works
* Added an installer option (still releases with portable version)
* The program is much faster at opening/parsing input files

It now comes in a portable version and has an optional installer version.

I'll accept feedback, changes, and bugs. You can post them here, but it's much easier for me to track if you post them on the github tracker!