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  1. Hi everybody,

    For a long time I've searched a simple way to use QTGMC with FFmpeg on a computer on which it is impossible to install softwares (which means you can't install AviSynth or AviSynth+for example).

    I made this package where you have the last version of FFmpeg, QTGMC (and its dependencies) and AviSynth+ dlls. This package is only for windows 64 Bits versions.

    You may have some knowledges about FFmpeg and AviSynth - AviSynth+

    In order to use QTGMC, you will have to modify accordingly qtgmc.avs ( /!\ NOT QTGMC.avsi /!\ ) with the name of the video file you want to proceed, and if you want to use different settings for QTGMC (actually I just used faster mode).

    I hope this may help people who wanted a portable way to have QTGMC.

    Best regards
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    Thanks, this helped a lot.
    I went through a complete install first following Andrew's tutorial but after that it didn't work.
    I had to do a couple of mods on mine to get it to work with avisynth.
    I had to comment out SMDegrain so I wouldn't get errors:
    and ad the audio track:

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