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  1. Originally Posted by Sach3932 View Post
    SetFilterMTMode("QTGMC", 2)
    ConvertToYV12(interlaced = true)
    QTGMC(preset="slow", EdiThreads=3, matchpreset="slow", matchpreset2="slow", fpsdivisor=2, sourcematch=3, tr1=2, tr2=1, NoiseTR=2, sharpness=1.2)

    BUt still not getting the proper result
    The first picture show interlaced video. The second picture shows the video has been deinterlaced. The picture quality sucks though.
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  2. Could you please elaborate I am not able to understand what you are trying to say.
    Or could you please help me out to resolve my concern?
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  3. In the first picture you can see comb artifacts:

    [Attachment 73973 - Click to enlarge]

    (enlarged 4x so you can more easily see the combing). Those are always seen when there is motion in interlaced video. I chose a part of the image where they were most visible -- but they are visible in many parts of the picture.

    In the second image there is a huge loss of detail, lots of blocky artifacts, and bad color splotches:

    [Attachment 73974 - Click to enlarge]

    (again enlarged 4x) It may be that you just chose a bad frame to upload. But there are no comb artifacts like those in the first image. So the video has been successfully deinterlaced with QTGMC. The other artifacts weren't caused by QTGMC. And if you look at the frame rate it has doubled after QTGMC.
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    I have that same video on my PC. It's not good quality, there's a lot of noise and blocking in various places.
    qtgmc as coded is accentuating it.
    Here it is, I remuxed into mpeg PS
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  5. Attached what QTGMC + BasicVSR++ does with that through Vapoursynth (used script),... but at ~1fps on a GeForce 4080 this might be not something really practical.
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