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  1. Hello im new to post here, although i have read through alot of these pages in the past few months gathering information provided here to repair my Panasonic VCR,
    and im very grateful for the existance of forums such as , which provides the needed knowledge that is freely shared here,
    that we otherwise would not have. again, im very grateful,
    and wish to send my thanks to everyone here that contributes,

    PS: i apologize if ive posted my 1st post in the wrong section, please either move or delete , i just couldnt find the "welcome page" but this section of "restoration" is exactly what im doing with my Panasonic VCR
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  2. This is a great forum for learning how to use your VCR and how to pick one that will work well, but it is not a particularly useful place to learn anything about how to repair any piece of hardware. For that, you need to go to sites that are populated by repair technicians. A starting point is:

    It is way out of date, but some of the links will get you going.

    You'll want a repair manual for your VCR:

    You might also stop by the mother of all A/V forums:

    They don't have technicians there, but if you post a question about where to get good information to help repair your own VCR, I'll bet you'll get some good guidance.
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    Moved the thread to general discussion,restoration is for fixing video and audio quality in software.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.
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