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  1. Deblur a License Plate in Video from a hit and run willing to pay find anyone finds out accurately.

    Please contact me through my email:

    I will paypal you $100
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    If you are giving this to anybody except to Law Enforcement authorities, or a bonded & legally authorized affiliate rep of theirs, none of that would be admissible as evidence, nor is it something one could/should base their reputation on, on the stand.
    WAAAYYYY TOO vague, bad quality to make any determination on.

    I say this as a former authorized LE affiliate who did that in my capacity as a forensic restorer, who actually was on the stand as an expert witness twice.

    If you have already given the original to the authorities to work on and determine usability (and kept a copy for yourself, just in case), that is about all you can do.

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