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  1. Hello

    I have one movie (Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning ) in 2 versions rated (audio italian and english ) and unrated (audio only english) and i was wondering if i can add missing audio parts from the unrated version to the rated version ? Is there a soft or something ?

    The rated version is 1H:30min long and the unrated one is 1H:36min and i was wondering if i can "take" extra english audio footage and add it to the rated italian version ?

    Thank you.
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  2. Since the lengths don't match you should probably poke around in video editors
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  3. Extract the English rated audiostream and the Italian audiostream and compare them in an audio editor (e.g. Audacity).
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    You WILL need a graphical NLE (non-linear editor) app which supports multiple streams/layers.

    You will need to put the original video+audio, and the supplemental/alternate video/audio, each on their own layer. Keep the V+A of the original ganged together.

    Temporarily, pan original to Left and alternate to Right, then play the clips. Stopping whenever there is a mismatch, and making the appropriate edit and or sync adjustment (advance or retard). Doing it in order, the later sections all stay together until they have been gotten to and synced at their section. If you have to take sections OUT of one or both of them, save the clip in the bin so you can reuse them again if necessary. This is the "sync" pass.

    Once that 1st pass is done, then you can insert the additional audio. Remember to slide ALL elements from both/all clips over to allow for the insertion while keeping things in sync.

    Alternately, you could insert (or not remove if that's the way they are laid out) WHILE syncing.

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