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  1. I've been experimenting with ATRAC3 audio and have found that RealProducer 8 allows me to encode ATRAC3 but sticks it in a .rm container.

    I would like to extract the ATRAC3 from the .rm container and place it into .. almost any other container. .OMA or raw audio data would probably work best.

    GUI preferred but if if none exists ill much about with a CLI.
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  2. Try
    ffmpeg -i your_atrac_file -c copy output.wma
    Tested with wma, avi, oma, wav extention.
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    ffmpeg -i input.rm -acodec copy output.WAV is what I use,

    so that I can mux the atrac3 stream to a .AVI video with VirtualDub.


    MKVmerge imports atrac3 from .RM, but not from .WAV;
    however the DirectShow Matroska Muxer from the MPC-BE standalone-filters package can remux atrac3 .WAVs and .AVIs to Matroska.
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  4. You can use clever FFmpeg-GUI to extract atrac3 audio streams. (added in the newest beta v2.0.7.08)
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