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  1. hello

    i want to download and play localy this video

    i have found this
    function get_vdoCipher_params(){
    var lang = '';
    lang = lang ? lang : (is_rtl() ? 'he' : 'en');
    return {
    otp: '20160313versASE323xHljSlP5KDD2ijPOu0w4UOJPkaX8GnN kI7GhWQXHOEE8Dy',
    playbackInfo: 'eyJ2aWRlb0lkIjoiNjRhMWZkMDI0NmUzNGM3YzhlZjNhZGY2M zM2OGQ2NzgifQ==',
    theme: '9ae8bbe8dd964ddc9bdb932cca1cb59a',
    container: document.querySelector("#single_video_vdocipher"),
    startTime: 0,
    ccLang: lang,
    plugins: [{
    name: 'keyboard',
    options: {
    preset: 'default',
    bindings: {
    'Left': (player) => - 15),
    'Right': (player) => + 15)

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    Just install Firefox Video DownloadHelper addon.

    My bad, it didn't work.
    Last edited by pchan; 6th May 2022 at 01:20.
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  3. is there any way to download udemy drm videos on mac?
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