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  1. Hi, I have noticed that seems to be a minimum audio playback time in MPC-HC, (I mean when you double click on audio files in a window folder), 1 or 2 seconds, within which it does not replace the current playing audio file but queues the new one in playlist. I find it extremely irritating.... Beyond that time instead it correctly replaces the current playing audio file with the new one. Which is what I want... I need MPC-HC to immediately replace the audio being played with the audio file I just double-clicked on regardless of playback time. Always. Without queuing anything
    When I'm looking for a certain audio sample in a windows folder and I switch from one to another quickly as soon as I realize it's not the right one I always end up with 5 or 6 queued files that later I have to play from there.... Really, really annoying...

    How can I fix it? I've looked through every option in the preferences but can't find anything...
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  2. I asked the developer directly.
    In options > advanced > there is exactly one entry called "redirectopentoappendthreshold" which is just a time threshold beyond which the program sends the file to the queue instead of playing it immediately replacing the playing file.
    The option cannot be completely disabled because the minimum value is 250 milliseconds, which is sufficient in most cases.
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    why would a player work that way? if this user action really is meant to append another file to a queue, there should be another action to also flush the queue ahead of playing this file, such as hold shift and double-click. even i would be irritated with something working this way.
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  4. I have no idea why the developer considers this feature useful but as you can check on github he doesn't seem to have any intention to change it in the future...
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