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  1. I just got a Panasonic DMR-ES10 this week which seems to be working well aside from one strange issue - when I record to DVD, the DVD plays back with random stutters in the video. It happens every 30 seconds - 1.5min, it will hang up on a frame & then stutter forward. I was going to attach a video clip showing the issue, but strangely when I demux the video from the DVD, the problem is gone and the video plays fine with no stutters.

    Also, I am getting the stutters when I playback the DVD folder from my harddrive on my computer, so its not an issue with a bad DVD player not liking the disc. The media is also high quality Verbatim 4x.

    I have tested all inputs on the ES10, have tested with DVD-RW and DVD+R, tried different VCRs and I've also tested it running in passthrough mode sending the signal to another DVD Recorder. The stutters are present on all recordings produced by the ES10 - but not on the passthrough recordings by a different model. The video signal is not being affected and I guess its not in the recording either since the demuxed video plays smoothly. I figured it was maybe something wrong with the recording system, but I guess it must be something with how its producing the DVD?

    Anyone know what this problem could be and if I can somehow fix it? I just bought the recorder this week on ebay and its in great physical condition and I haven't found any other problems, but I'll probably have to return it if it can't perform its basic function correctly.

    The passthrough mode does seem to help improve some issues with the picture, but overall I'm not sure what I think about its effect on PQ unless its really needed to correct some issue with the signal. I don't think its worth it for me to keep it if this can't be fixed.
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    Does remuxing to a new MPG fix it?
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  3. I just remuxed the video and it played fine. I also remuxed to a new DVDR and the new DVDR plays fine as well. Its only the original DVDRs produced by the ES10 that are somehow messed up

    Not sure if a firmware update would fix this... I've done a lot of searching and I can't find the firmware files available anywhere and I also can't see any way to check the firmware version on the ES10

    I can't find any info on this problem being experienced by others either

    I really would like to get the actual unit working if possible, rather than having to demux/remux to get a valid DVDR.
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  4. I cross-posted this topic over at digitalfaq and for the sake of keeping this info updated, I'll quote my recent findings from that thread:

    Originally Posted by autephex View Post
    Ok, So I played the original DVD back on a Philips DVD player and it played ok. Plays ok on the ES-10 also. Magnavox DVD Recorder reads the disc but won't play any of the video at all.

    Played the dvd folder from my harddrive using KMPlayer instead of VLC, and surprise surprise, it plays fine. So I guess VLC is part of the problem after all.

    I still don't know what to make of the fact that the remuxed video plays fine in VLC but I suppose I will just chalk it up to something funky with the ES10 authoring that may cause issues with certain players.
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