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  1. I'm very surprised that I could not find this information anywhere else on the web. I'm sure it's out there, but it's hidden from me.

    SO my question is, how do I use a 240 FPS "slow motion" video file (.MOV) and actually make it play slow motion (uploaded to Google, Youtube, or directly downloaded to a WIndows machine from the phone)?? Read on for the background.

    I have a Slow-Motion video on an iPhone 6. From my understanding, it records at 240 FPS, and the phone plays it back at 240 FPS for "normal speed" and at 30 or 60 FPS for the slow motion. However, the *data* within the file is 240 frame for each second. So, when you download the file to your computer, upload, etc, the computer/video player plays back at 60 FPS, skipping the other 180 frames for that second, and resulting in a "normal" video speed that doesn't appear slow-motion. This playback speed on the phone is determined by the .AAE file, but that ONLY works on the phone. So if you upload it to google, YouTube, or download straight to your computer (Windows), it will ALWAYS play back at the "normal" speed, never the slow motion. Correct me if I'm wrong at any point.

    No matter what, the video plays at "normal speed" like a regular video. The additional 180 frames that should be present per second are skipped. In a basic video editor (Movie Maker) you can adjust the playback speed of a video. However, the software appears to import the video first... Probably converting it to 30 FPS and then deleting the extra 210 frames per second. So reducing playback speed results in just a slowed down 30 FPS video that looks awful.

    I've tried uploading to Google Drive from the phone, and downloaded directly from the phone to my Windows machine. Neither works. I will note, however, that whether it was directly from the phone to my computer or downloaded from google drive onto my computer, when playing it in the editor, photos, media player, etc, it ALWAYS plays the full audio, then at the end rapidly runs through the images severely delayed and AFTER the slider has reached the end of the video. It doesn't know how to read the file. When uploaded to YouTube or Facebook, it plays fine (no delay) but just at normal speed.

    So how do I make it work? Any suggestions?
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    The whole world can't read an Apple file. Funny that!

    I "acquired" an iphone 13 H264 slomo MOV file (240 fps) for a test.

    VLC Player will only play it slomo if you keep intervening with the speed control.

    My video editor, Movie Edit Pro (or Magix Movie Studio, whatever they are calling it today) will open the file but play it back at 240fps ie at what looks like normal speed. But I can drop the clip speed by 4 to 60fps and it renders fine, producing a pretty nice-looking slomo file. File length 24sec.

    I then opened my MOV file in Virtual Dub 2, changed the frame rate to 30fps and it rendered out OK, once again looking pretty nice. File length 50sec.
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