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  1. hi,

    i have got a 405 error with those odysee channels, is there a way to fix this ?
    i use the latest ytdlp exe, released 28 days ago
    i just noticed that today, in the past i had zero issue with ytdlp and odysee, except that it was slower than ytdlp and youtube
    i have not test all odysee channels, but i suppose zero of them are working now
    i have tried to add --no-check-certificate but it changes nothing
    seems it has already been reported :

    yt-dlp.exe -S "res:480" "" --download-archive FILE.txt

    yt-dlp.exe -S "res:480 "" --download-archive FILE.txt
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  2. first: when run yt-dlp no need .exe
    and what is -S ?

    and what video? from
    we have a lot ... write video link that you want
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  3. thanks Lomero

    seems the S is required to force downloading videos in a specific resolution, i am not sure

    and for those 2 channels I like to download all their videos, it's a batch i use, thanks to download archive it only download the videos i don't already have downloaded in the past

    but now it's not working at all
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  4. anyway yt-dlp work fine

    example first video, la capsule#68, search m3u8 and download. video not encrypted
    i think your command is totally wrong, don't have 480p but only 144, 360 or 576p

    if you want 576 use:
    yt-dlp -f 246 ""
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  5. wrong code mate ...

    -F to see all format available
    -f xx to chose your format. see my string above
    and if you don't use -f xx you download at best res. on your case 576p, then no need. use simply yt-dlp "http://m3u8"
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  6. thanks, i have removed -S "res:480" from my batch and now it works !!

    thanks also for the additionals advices
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