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  1. Kodi is a media center that use's a file called the playercorefactory.xml to define external video and audio players

    Using the playercorefactory.xml we can define a new player that runs a python 3 script i wrote called pilfer to record videos and audio from within Kodi or on the command line

    The pilfer script takes the link from Kodi looks for the url, user-agent, referer and cookies,
    then creates an ffmpeg command to record the audio or video stream from any kodi addon

    Kodi use its own format for links that contain user-agent, referer and cookies which cant be directly recorded with ffmpeg
    you have to extract the various parts of the url to use with ffmpeg, pilfer automates that process

    The script works on linux,mac,unix and windows

    After installing the pilfer script you install the playercorefactory.xml file to your ~/.kodi/userdata directory on linux, or appropriate path on other operating systems
    then in kodi you press c on the keyboard on any video or audio link in an addon and choose Play with ...

    This opens a menu where you can choose from the following options

    play - uses pilfer to create a url that mpv can play and opens mpv as an external video player
    record video - record without specifying a duration
    record video 1 hour
    record video 2 hours
    record video 3 hours
    save url
    record audio - record without specifying a duration
    record audio 1 hour
    record audio 2 hours
    record audio 3 hours

    You can also save the url from kodi and record on the command line

    to display the script help run

    pilfer -h
    which outputs the followng

    -h --help display help
    -i 'url' or text file - record video
    -a 'url' or text file - record audio
    -t '00:00:00'

    pilfer -i/-a -t <00:00:00>

    Its also possible to schedule recordings by using the at command on linux to record a link at a certain time of the day and specify a duration for the recording

    I wrote Pilfer about 5 years ago and it still works with the latest version of Kodi,
    i havent updated it in 3 years because if it aint broke dont fix it and the structure of the kodi urls hasnt changed in that time

    The original version of the script was called kodi-playercorefactory and was written in bash about 6 years ago
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    I am trying to run this on macOS. I followed the instructions exactly as on the github macOS setuppage. Kodi crashes as soon as I hit "save url". No url is saved on the destkop and I dont get that external player active popup. What could I be doing wrong?

    I am using Python 3.7, Kodi 20.2.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    I also tried this on a windows OS. I got the same error. No video URL was saved. I dont get that external player active popup on there too.
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    OkI got it to work. The fault lies in the mpv player that was crashing. I just used the contextual menu before playing the stream to save the url and record. Amazing work! I am surprised no one even left a thanks to you here! A heart full thanks to you!! Keep up the good work!
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