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  1. So I have a new atmos receiver and excited about player movies through pot player. Only issue is it plays for about 45 sec and then goes out of sync. If I pause and play out of sync. start in a new spot its fine again for 45 sec.

    Has anyone experienced this and pointers to fix? I am using a 15 foot hdmi 1.4 but I don't that matters for audio (should not need 2.0/2.1) I am thinking. Settings are the typical

    F5 > Click on + next to Filter Control > Click on Audio Decoder > [On lower center] Click on Button that says: Built-in Audio Codec/Pass-through Settings >
    On the right, under Pass-through (S/PDIF, HDMI) > SELECT: Default Pass-through Muxer for each option [AC3, EAC3, TRUEHD, DTS, DTS-HD...] > OK > OK.

    Under built in available decoders same dialogue box, I am using FFmpegMinimum64.dll (reccomended) as under AC3, EAC3 and TrueHD Lav is not an option (I do have the lav filters, but they do not also seem to make a different having them installed unless I am missing something there?


    F5 > Click on Audio > [on the right] Speakers > Select your Speakers [do not select not "Same as input" for speakers because outside "input" may not be the same as your number of speakers!] >
    [below Speakers there is the option for] Output >
    Pass-through after AC-3 re-encoding (use this for atmos)
    Pass-through after DTS re-encoding
    40 GB ram
    Nvidia 2 GB Video card, HDMI out
    Intel I7 6 core X series
    Windows 10
    playing from Western digital SSD
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  2. Hello,

    I created an account just to be able to answer you. I have exactly the same problem, I was going crazy and was about to send my atmos receiver back, when I realized that it was the PotPlayer atmos that was creating this lag.

    Have you found a solution?

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  3. Funny you ask, I was trying again last night with Elvis blueray rip and same thing again. One thing I noticed and was going to try tonight is to go direct to the reciever from the computer, what I am doing is a switch that goes to PC monitor and projector and thought that it may be the issue for atmos, but if you are going direct (without splitting or going into a powered distribution box), than it is not it.

    I think this is a potplayer issue that is yet to be resolved.

    I actually got it to work with Topgun rip and I thought I had the same settings. The only difference is I have a new monitor (actually a HD TV as a monitor) since then and it is also doing some weird stuff with my setup, like 3D from potplayer not recognized unless I go strait from PC to computer switch it to 3D than can go back so I am wondering if it matters what your display is.

    Again going directly to the reciever than out to a different display may help for you? I am going to try that and just do the projector as only display. I will let you know if I have luck and what settings are. If not tonight possibly tomorrow I will have time.
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  4. I don't know anything about potplayer, but if it's syncing the video to 24.0Hz (without repeating frames), then after 45 seconds it would be out of sync by 45ms.
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  5. Thank you for your answers. On a forum, I was advised to use KODI. I'm trying it, but even with the passthrough activated it doesn't detect the atmos... But HDR is better! Now I'm looking for how to make atmos work with Kodi....
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  6. I found the parameter in KODI. The atmos works and there is no problem.

    On the other hand, I don't really like Kodi, it's too heavy and not ergonomic and I have some bugs with Windows HDR. Moreover I have the feeling that the image is not as good as with Potplayer...
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  7. Well then, I tried Kodi and PowerDVD. They are good but much too heavy and have less setting options than PotPlayer. But they have the advantage of not producing this bug with Atmos.

    Think of me if you find a solution with PotPlayer! I'll keep looking on my own, and maybe even try to contact the developers.
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  8. Why not report it via email? Author already fixed lot of bug I reported, some in 24 hours.
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  9. Problem solved!

    I contacted potplayer via the website
    A chinese guy answered me "I don't know", implying that it was not them who developed potplayer....

    I followed this tutorial to integrate madvr to potplayer
    I am a novice and don't understand half of this tutorial. But in one of the first steps it makes you modify audio options with LAV Audio.
    Once this was done, my Atmos was not working at all. I tweaked some parameters in potplayer (I can't say what) and everything works fine now! Anyway, I advise you to follow this tutorial if you want to fix this problem. It's a good start for a solution!

    Translated with
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