So I have a new atmos receiver and excited about player movies through pot player. Only issue is it plays for about 45 sec and then goes out of sync. If I pause and play out of sync. start in a new spot its fine again for 45 sec.

Has anyone experienced this and pointers to fix? I am using a 15 foot hdmi 1.4 but I don't that matters for audio (should not need 2.0/2.1) I am thinking. Settings are the typical

F5 > Click on + next to Filter Control > Click on Audio Decoder > [On lower center] Click on Button that says: Built-in Audio Codec/Pass-through Settings >
On the right, under Pass-through (S/PDIF, HDMI) > SELECT: Default Pass-through Muxer for each option [AC3, EAC3, TRUEHD, DTS, DTS-HD...] > OK > OK.

Under built in available decoders same dialogue box, I am using FFmpegMinimum64.dll (reccomended) as under AC3, EAC3 and TrueHD Lav is not an option (I do have the lav filters, but they do not also seem to make a different having them installed unless I am missing something there?


F5 > Click on Audio > [on the right] Speakers > Select your Speakers [do not select not "Same as input" for speakers because outside "input" may not be the same as your number of speakers!] >
[below Speakers there is the option for] Output >
Pass-through after AC-3 re-encoding (use this for atmos)
Pass-through after DTS re-encoding
40 GB ram
Nvidia 2 GB Video card, HDMI out
Intel I7 6 core X series
Windows 10
playing from Western digital SSD