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  1. I have folder structure like this

    i want to mux mp4 to mkv and remove the mp4 file after that. i got a sample batch script but it require to place it inside the folder where the file is located.

    FOR %%A IN (*.mp4) DO "C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvmerge.exe" -o "%%~nA.mkv" "%%~A"
    i am not sure how can i add command by which batch script will read all the subfolder files. any help please?
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  2. Code:
    FOR /R %%A IN (*.mp4) DO "C:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvmerge.exe" -o "%%~dpnA.mkv" "%%~dpnxA"
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    I would like to do the same but NOT remove the mp4 file?
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  4. Neither of the above batch files deletes the source video. If you wanted to delete the source videos you would have add a second command:

    FOR /R %%A IN (*.mp4) DO (
        "G:\Program Files\MKVToolNix\mkvmerge.exe" -o "%%~dpnA.mkv" "%%~dpnxA"
        del "%%~dpnxA"
    iKron didn't ask about that so I assumed he already know that part.
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