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  1. Is there some one? Amazon, Aliexpress (scam express) maye?
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    A combined RF PAL-land <--> RF NTSC-land is kind of silly, as not only do the RF frequencies & bandwidths need to change, but the underlying baseband YUV needs to be converted as well.

    Much easier to just:
    DECODE System A to baseband
    Convert System A to System B
    ENCODE System B to RF

    Pros would never be looking for an all-in-one, as not only do they likely already have those component elements, but they have the resources (legally & financially) to get the originals (baseband) straight from another source.
    Consumers' only non-niche use would be for decoding and converting into a multi-systems-capable VCR/DVR or TV, both of which would be high-end. And that wouldn't include the final RF encode.

    Am pretty sure that this kind of composite device would be a red flag to national/regional regulators who worry about piracy & rebroadcasting issues.

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