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    I've read that one could modify wvdumper for devices not supported out of the box, but I haven't understood how.
    Seems to just depend on Android version from what I've seen.

    Do you know if any of the following is either factory rooted or easy to root, and then if Frida and wvdumper will work

    Check xda forums.
    I believe there is root for a few of them however anything updated often isn't rootable you need to not have latest updates.
    I'm pretty sure I've seen some updates about the Chromecast being rootable but 2020 or 2021 software. I believe all those exploits are software based so as I mentioned you can't have an updated device.

    Also not sure the existing leaked script works to dump L3 at or above android 11 even with making modifications to the js
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  2. Originally Posted by Romano2K View Post

    Anyway I'd like to get my own CDM keys.

    But the suggested T95 S1 is out of stock in my country, and anyway I wanted to know if other people have had success with other Android TV boxes. While I'm at it, I'd rather buy a branded and modern model that I'll keep using after extracting keys.
    Word of warning if you haven't done this before about using it after you've attempted a dump: if you cant afford to brick the device - dont use it. There's a good chance you may if you are a first timer as things can, and do go wrong.

    The device suggested by Angela is not only very cheap its also pre-rooted. (There will still be the older model available in some stores and marketplaces.)
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  3. I've rooted/modded many Android smartphones (and Windows Mobile devices before that!) and I'm aware of the risks, but I second your warning, thank you!
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