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  1. Hello, lately Iíve been using Ulead Video Studio SE to capture my VHSí. Iím happy with my recorded results but the annoying part is the preview screen just stays black and thereís no sound during capture. I literally have to hook the VCR to another VCR thatís already connected to my TV so I can have the video playback on the TV just so I at least know whatís being recorded. I know the program is a bit old so maybe the features for the preview screen just donít work anymore but then again I havenít exactly had a long history with this program so maybe itís supposed to do that??? Can anyone chip in???
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    Old ? Just how old ? Ulead has been under the Corel banner for more years than I can remember. A version of Ulead was my first capture and edit software.

    You have been most fortunate since any external monitoring is no guarantee of what you see is what you get. I certainly do not recall having to do anything in my Ulead to actually not being able to preview the capture. Programs like vdub do allow you to turn off video preview but I see no benefit in this.

    Your profile is rather incomplete so do advise 1. The capture device 2. The version of Ulead 3. Your OS. It is quite possible if the program is 'old' it is not fully functional with current OS's

    Even using it as you do, capture will invariably be limited to mpeg2, maybe mjpeg, and some legacy avi. That may be sufficient for you but if quality does matter you might wish to consider other capture software such as AmarecTv and lossless codecs such as lagarith or huffyuv. And if you get no video preview with this then I hasten to add that there is possibly something amiss with your computer/graphics.

    And 'SE' initself suggests it came with the capture device so you must ensure that your device drivers are supported by your current OS.
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  3. I believe itís circa 2006/7 and yes it came with a Capture card. OS is Windows 10.
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