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  1. I was using this software for my audio cleaning and mastering. But since last few days it stops after every 2 seconds of play and does not play the full file.
    I couldn't find any solution in their literature.
    Can somebody suggest a remedy for this?
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  2. Not sure it will help but trying again after reinstalling it ,,, you would found that it is created by your application or by your device and
    also tell if you have updatedd it in few days before this problem. If this turn out by updating than its a bug or not then your system lags
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  3. Well, I have not updated the S/W

    It was working perfect and suddenly this started happening. I feel some setting has changed and needs to be put back.
    But which setting controls this that I am not able to find out.

    The manual does not throw any light on this problem
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  4. It may be worth asking in the Diamond Cut forum.
    Canon C100 mk2 - Dell XPS8700 i7 - Win 10 - 24gb RAM - GTX 1060/6GB - DaVinci Resolve Studio 18.0b3 - Blackmagic Speed Editor - 2 calibrated screens
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