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  1. Dears,

    i could start googling, but i will take chance ask those who have this kind of experience. I have ripped BD, even encoded it to MKV. But i have discovered that subs are positioned higher in the movie it self. Its anoying.

    My next step will be to convert original PGS subs into SRT.

    Could you please give me a tip how to ORC them and convert to SRT (UTF of course).

    Kind Regards,

    Type: Subtitles
    Flags: Forced subtitles
    Language: English
    Codec: HDMV PGS Subtitles
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    May 2005
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    Try Subtitle Edit. It has OCR function for processing image-based subtitles into text.

    FYI SE has an import function for editing PGS streams directly. Unless the subtitle images are authored full width/screen, it's possible to adjust only the vertical positioning coordinates.
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