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  1. I want to record audio for a certain amount of time like an hour. I only know of audacity and wavosaur that can do this. I need audacity for editing while capturing and it cannot do both at the same time. wavosaur freezes during export sometimes, so I'm looking for alternatives.
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    Most any DAS/Audio editor or even NLE will do this if it has a timeline. Just select/highlight the desired length of time in the timeline and hit record. When it gets to the end of the selection, it will stop recording.

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  3. You could try to do capture with ffmpeg - to start ffmpeg on particular time perhaps some scheduler app can be helpful

    For time driven recording Windows Task Scheduler can be used
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  4. I only know a paid recording tool has the schedule recording feature and auto-recording feature. It is RecMaster. If you don't want a paid one, just ignore this.
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