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  1. How does one export the profile settings used in Hybrid? I see that an AVS file is created in a temp folder but then deleted at the end. Is there a way to export the AVS file or configure Hybrid to not delete it? I would like to be able to share my settings with others via the AVS file.
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  2. a. you can see the used script under Filtering->Show current Avisynth script (there you could copy&paste the file; this is what I would do)
    b. you can tell Hybrid to keep all intermediate files (Config->Containers->General Settings->Keep intermediate files)
    c. you could save the Avisynth setting by saving the settings as a .json file using the normal profile options in the Avisynth tab.
    d. you could also open the autosavedJobs.xml file and find the script content there.

    Cu Selur
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