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  1. Hi there

    Editing a video using the above software is easy with minimum knowledge required. The same doesn't seem to be the case when it comes to audio! I've tried going through various how-to's to discover something very simple, but I am none the wiser?

    All I want to do is mute about one second of unwanted noise in the middle of an MKV file?????

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  2. Extract the audiostream with mkvcleaver, modify it with an audioeditor (ge audacity) and remux it then with mkvtoolnix
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  3. I have tmpg authoring works which is limited when compared to mastering works, but this is how I would go about it:
    I would duplicate the clip 3 times and edit/cut/split each clip. So clip 1 would be the start of your file to right before the noise you want to mute occurs. Clip 2 would be the section of noise. Clip 3 would be after the noise to the end of your file.

    Select clip 2 and select the filters tab (may also be listed as “audio filters”). Find volume adjustment in the list and take it to 0%. This should mute clip 2

    When choosing your output file make sure “save as one file” is selected

    I also found this basic guide to help with mastering works:

    ProWos reply is much easier, but if you have to use tmpg mastering you can try what I listed
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