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  1. Dobrý deň chcem sa opýtať mám problem mam vcr a pri prehravaní je akokeby posunuty obraz o kúsok dole, mam čierny pás u vrchu televízie neviete poradiť čim to môže byťbuť mechanikou , elektronikou alebo bubnami inač funguje prehravanie aj pretačanie
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    You really must write in English to expect replies.

    And VR (as far as this forum is concerned) means Virtual Reality and not Video Recorder.

    As for your problem (Google translated) you need to elaborate as to whether this issue is on a tv (vertical hold) or elsewhere
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  3. Television is running smoothly strip on the screen is horizontal. The black band is from the top of the tv when the tape is playng. Tv broadcast is ok. In what may be a mistake?
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    Troublshooting hardware over a public forum is only possible when the person asking for help is skilled enough to do basic hardware repair/troublshooting, have all the required tools and only looking for directions, There is no magic here. Otherwise just look for a skilled technician in your area to get the job done.
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