Hi - Hoping that I can ask of your expertise/experiences please.

Two parts to this, but both stem from the same activity. Ripping Blue Ray and normal shop bought DVD's (our own personal collection) to put on our Synology NAS (together with all my still photos).

Blue Ray - MakeMKV used, MKV file created, Handbrake then used to created MP4 (but I've trimmed back on the quality to speed the whole process up. MP4 plays back on laptop browser, Synology's own Video Station, and VLC. Go stream the same file on my TV using the same Synology media server and an "unrecognized file format" is displayed. My thought process, Handbrake "did" something, or I set an incorrect setting in the tool. This led me to trying to resolve this a different way. I then used ffmpeg to create a MP4 of the MKV file. My laptop browser doesn't like the new MP4 (unrecognized), TV still wont play, Video Station plays (but only via the app, not accessing via browser).

1) How can I rip a blue ray and place in a MP4 container that allows playback on all my devices that doesn't take 8 hours plus in Handbrake?

2) I understand ffmpeg moves the same "files" from one container (MKV) to another (MP4) without issue, yet this causes an additional challenge in the fact that it won't play in a browser. Does anyone know why and how to overcome this please?

DVD - Handbrake, good tool, I want to rip highest quality but not wanting to wait the 6+hours for each disc to finish. Creates MP4, OK, plays on all devices (VLC, Browser, Video Station, TV). As mentioned before, to rip at the desired quality would take an addtional couple of hours (~8+ hours so). Following the ffmpeg logic of just putting the same files in a different container, I created an MKV (did I need to do this?, is there a better way) and then ran ffmpeg to convert to MP4, guess what? unrecognized file format.

I've 200+ films (a mix of Blue Ray and DVD) that I'm looking to make available on my media server

Any tips/tricks/detailed advise greatly received please!


ffmpeg command used: ffmpeg -i filmname.mkv -codec copy filmname.mp4