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  1. Could someone help me identify what type of noise I'm getting on my footage. Still attached from footage. The issue can be seen in the background where there are large areas of red pixelated patches. I cant figure out what it is or how to address it. ISO was pretty high in this shot but I also shot some other footage outdoors with ISO at 200 and still had the same issue. Shooting F Log @ 24 frames and 100mbps on Fuji TX-4.

    [Attachment 63031 - Click to enlarge]

    Close up of issue...

    [Attachment 63032 - Click to enlarge]
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    At least some of that nose could be the result of saving those images as lossy JPG.
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  3. It's chroma noise.

    High quantization levels on Cb, Cr channels leading to macroblock artifacts . Very low chroma resolution if you examine the CbCr channels and compare it to Y.

    Some of it could be jpg compression, but the issue was likely it was there before the jpg

    According to this review , there are other recording modes, higher bitrate such as the 200Mb/s mode would help. H.264 mode reduces all video to 8-bit 4:2:0 according to the articly , , so you should probably avoid that.
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