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  1. Seatrched forum rtules and this "Newbie" section of forum but no luck. I've posted new thread and asking for advice and suggestions (how to...) and several generous users have replied with lots of excellent answers etc. Now I'd like to reply to their replies (thanking them each and in some cases answering any questions they asked me or asking them questions arising as a result of their suggestions and advice for me. Don't know if correct procedure is to message them individually to their personal inbox or to use the quick reply as a reply to the reply to my posted thread? And if I am late checking my post to see if anyone has replied, and find there are several replies from several users, do I quick reply each in turn with each quick reply devoted to one individual user who replied to my thread? A matter of proper forum etiquette but important.
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    Replies go to the forum and not personally.

    You can hit the 'Quote' button and the previous reply will be shown plus space for you to add your own words. Or you can simply put you response in the 'Quick Reply' box.

    If the reply is long and you want to quote it, some proper etiquette would be to partially edit/delete some of the lines rather than over-quote as some members tend to do.
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  3. Thanks DB83, you've calmed my newbie nerves. And I love your profile pic!
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  4. Nurse left Covid swabs in his nose.

    DBB3 asked the nurse why she left them there and she replied that they couldn't get anymore swabs due to supply issues and to just leave them there so that we can use those the next time you need a covid test.
    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence -Carl Sagan
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