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  1. Hi guys, I've got a bit of a tricky problem here. I want to add Japanese subtitles to the English bluray of Adventure Time, and since Netflix now has the series with Japanese subtitles, that's possible! There's a few problems here though:

    1) The episodes on Netflix are dual episodes, while the bluray is not
    2) The episodes on Netflix are 25 FPS instead of the correct 23.976 FPS for Adventure Time (you can even hear it's sped up!) which means the subtitles rapidly go out-of-sync when applied to the bluray

    Problem 1 I can fix by combining the same individual episodes into one episodes and chopping off the ending theme of the first episode and the opening theme of the second episode. Problem 2 I have no solution for. I've tried using multiple programs (i.e Subtitle Edit, Aegisub) to convert the .SRT I got from Netflix using the subadub Chrome extension from 25FPS to 23.976FPS, but it doesn't fix the sync issue!

    I've also AnyStream to download the episodes complete with subtitles, which in this case are VOB files. This would be ideal if I can get them to work, since they properly display the jimaku kanji readings above the kanji (SRT/ASS can't do that, they display the jimaku in brackets next to the kanji), but I don't know if you can even re-time VOB subs.

    Any ideas?
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  2. What I would do. Use Subtitle Edit to make OCR of the BD English sub titles. I would untick "Prompt for unknown word" and OCR the first eg 25 lines. Then eg 50 lines around the Netflix episodes end/start and finally the last eg 25 lines.

    Then I would use the timing from the OCR'd English srt subtitles to make Point sync of the Japanese Netflix subtitlles in Subtitle Edit and finally use "Tools -> Append subtitles.." in Subtitle Edit for the synced Netflix subtitles.

    If you want to go the vobsub way I would again start by getting time code from the English BD subtitles as above. Then for each of the vobsub subtitles I would make an OCR in Subtitle Edit with the "Prompt for unknown word" unticked. Then I would point sync the two resulting srt subtitles with the time codes from the English BD sub titles.

    Next i would import the vobsub subtitles in Subtitle Edit preparing for OCR, Instead of making the OCR I would right-click on the vobsub subtitle and use "Import new time codes" and use the time codes from the sync'd srt files. Then right-click again and use "Export -> Vobsub (sub/idx)"

    The two resulting vobsub subtitles may be joined with vobsub joiner.
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  3. Thanks for the reply! One problem I've run into is that since the Netflix episode is a dual episode, it's creating issues for syncing since I can't work out a way of attaching the second episode's English subtitles (VOB or SRT) to the end of the first episode to make an equivalent to the dual episode Japanese Netflix subtitle. I can get the first episode synced, but not the second since I don't have a correctly-timed, dual episode subtitle script to point sync. I thought maybe append in Subtitle Edit would do that, but all it did was attach the subtitles to the end, everything was still timed as though it was the first episode (i.e trying to appear at 00:00:13.960).

    If it helps, I've already got SRT versions of the episodes, both of the separated bluray episodes, and the dual episodes from Netflix, so we shouldn't need to use OCR on the English bluray subtitles if the end goal is to have a SRT version.
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  4. So you have a English .srt subtitle from your BD. I would guess it to have a playtime around 45 min.

    Then you have 2 japanese .srt subtitles from Netflix. I would guess they each have a playtime around 22 min. You have sync'd the first of these two subtitle with the English subtitles. You need to point sync the second japanese subtitle using the time codes from the English subtitle. The second japanse subtitle would then have a start time-code around 22 min and an end time around 45.

    This is what Subtitle Edit means by "should already be in sync" when you append the second subtitle.

    [Attachment 62980 - Click to enlarge]
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  5. You've actually got it backwards! Here's how it breaks down:

    1) The Netflix episode with the Japanese subtitles is two episodes in one (i.e it has episode 33 and episode 31 as a single episode, while they're separate in the bluray release)
    2) The Netflix "episode" runs for 21:07. The bluray episodes are 11:46.
    3) The bluray episodes all include the opening and ending themes, while the dual episodes on Netflix only include them once (i.e there's no ending theme and opening theme between each episode as there would be if you combined two of the bluray episodes)
    4) If you cut the ending theme from the first episode and the opening theme from the second episode and combine them, you get something that duplicates the Netflix episode.
    5) However, this video runs for 22:33, since it runs at a slower framrate.

    Ah, so that's how you use the "append subtitle" feature. OK, I've the second episode English bluray subtitles to somewhat match the Netflix episode. It does go out-of-sync later in the episode, just like what happens when you try to apply the Japanese subtitles from Netflix to my bluray episode. Any idea where to go from here?
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  6. I'm a bit confused. What is your end goal?

    1) To have a BD-disc/ISO as the one you have with menu & extra etc but with the English subtitles replaced by the japanese from Netflix?

    2) To merge two episodes from the BD into a MKV file (21 min) using the japanese subtitles from Netflix?

    3) To have the episodes from the BD (12 min) as a MKV file and splitting the Netflix japanese subtitles into two?
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  7. Originally Posted by fireaza View Post
    I thought maybe append in Subtitle Edit would do that, but all it did was attach the subtitles to the end, everything was still timed as though it was the first episode
    That's easy: just highlight the second group of subs and add an offset to sync them.
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