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  1. I'm making a fresh topic on this since it needs a bit of explanation for Videohelp and understanding by me.
    I had an SRT made for a video with a transcription tool. I'm pretty sure it was Youtube. But at that period I had a sample offer from one of the transcription sources (Maestra) It produces the SRT with timings. Then I used that SRT to fix differences in a text copy of what is a single person play. I did this outside of Subtitle Edit using just the print copy with the SRT loaded into Notepad++. Moving that into Subtitle Edit has given problems first showing up as a red Split Line! notation
    onscreen. So far the audio synchronization to Line 51 is ok. But after that may be a long re-edit. Where do I start on fixing this with the Control panel?
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  2. Looking at the original subtitle (uncorrected) and doing the corrections over within SubtitleEdit may avoid these line breaks.
    I just don't see where my error is. The corrections are capitalizations of "I" for instance as (CC) Youtube source normally
    spews out plus dialect words, homonyms and expletives which Yt censors out etc.. As I did this, in the first instance I merely completed the word 'even' from "en" which was just a typing mistake and the split line error resulted. These are not professional jobs. I do them for personal interest. I have the original which is fitted to the text with no line errors so far as I know. But I'd have to preview the whole play again, run through fashion. I could use that as the template if I botched doing it.
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