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  1. I have photos/videos that contain a particular person such as my mother or father which I cannot even find because of the tens of thousands of other unorganized photos mixed in. I'd like to run a facial recognition software on my photos/videos folder to find particular people that I can mark in the metadata similar to how Facebook implants/identifies particular people in photos and the location/date the photo/video was taken if available etc then I can do more precise search of my photo/videos folder containing particular people (ie can create a database of known faces/names and run a script that identifies file to contain only 1 or multiple known people and marks them as such for easy searching).

    A program like this would be a game changer for people consolidating/organizing family photos/videos if you could combine all your files into a folder create a face/name database of known people and then run a script bam implant the names of people into the files metadata, decades of memories organized and easily searched.

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  2. Originally Posted by lordsmurf View Post
    ahh, I'm talking about organizing family memories 10's maybe 100k photo/video collection not identifying/catelogueing every human on the planet :P

    like many expensive softwares maybe a copycat freeware version can be made for personal use family photos/videos maybe the AI not as perfect and may miss identifying a few lesser quality/matches to given baseline photo.

    I was really hoping considering the personal use/benefit it would have one day in the near future we may see something catered towards that crowd rather than corporate/legal uses.

    If an aspiring programmer was looking for a project that could be helpful to their resume and can get their hands on a basic for personal use non proprietary facial recognition algorithm program a fairly basic ui think it would be worth it, food for thought
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  3. OpenCV is the only free thing i know that could help here:
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  5. There is free edition - personally i don't like idea to upload private stuff to cloud but perhaps is worth to try...
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