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  1. I am new with Subtitle Edit. Tesseract 3.02 can detect the italic sentence but it's less accurate than 5.00. however Tesseract 5.00 cannot detect italic sentence, i am not sure if i am doing anything wrong, can someone please guide me?

    also which is better Binary image compare or tesseract? i mean lets say i spend a lots of time and train binary image compare.

    never mind i found the problem. i should have select the "original Tesseract" option

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    Yes, it is a bit strange that the new engine in Tesseract does not support italic. Choosing "Engine mode" "Original Tesseract only" is probably a little less accurate and close to Tesseract 3.

    If you have many episodes to OCR with the same font in good quality (like Blu-ray - not DVD), then "OCR method" "nOCR" is a good choice.
    "Image compare" is good with small fonts where the letters are always drawn exactly the same.
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