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    Hello all,

    I have made a dvd made with Panasonic dmr-e75v. A ‘Record from vhs to dvd apparat.’
    When I put this dvd in my computer all I see is 1 big .udf file. (a dvd full)
    Question: How can I see the (self recorded) video on the dvd?

    settings for recording were ok I think, I used a recommended dvd-, and the dvd was finalized. (after a loooong search on how to do that)

    Or did something go wrong? How can I know?
    What would the file extension be normally?
    I know for sure it worked (for my friend), so it is not dued to the apparat itself.

    Thanks for any help provided.
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    Does your DVD recorder have an option to FINALIZE the DVD disK? See if you need to close the disk sesison then put in a cmoputer to see.
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