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  1. I am attempting to capture MiniDV footage with my MacBook. It's a 2021 M1 Pro. iMovie does not import all video (random parts missing), so I am forced to use QuickTime. This issue also occurs on Intel Mac.

    I have two camcorders. One (with an HDMI port) is captured with a capture card through QuickTime, and it works flawlessly.

    However, I have to use another camcorder (Sony DCR-H17) via FireWire and it crashes QuickTime whenever the tape goes blank between scenes.

    Is there a way to import the Sony camcorder footage 'without the data' included over FireWire, so that the computer does not detect these drops? I mean so only video goes through, without extra info. like timing. Or do you recommend any software for this issue?
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  2. miniDV should be captured via firewire port to a program that is made to DV capture. Most people use a PC for this and use Scenalyzerlive or winDV. The only person i've heard doing this successfully on a mac is using Premiere. Use a standard method to transfer those tapes and see if the issues remain.
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