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  1. hi, I've made a bdrip, basically I did a conversion from 23.976 to 25p, then I did a 313 frames cut at the beginning plus another 7 frames cut in the middle and then I've added the chapters.
    when I play it on MPCHC, when skipping on some chapters, the video and sometime the audio too, they stutter.
    the timing goes normally but the video hangs for a second and then accelerates in order to match the correct time.
    I've already tried another XML chapter file, with the same issue, even worst.
    I've tried to add the end-timings to the xml, no way, same issue.
    I've also tried to manually correct the chapters timing rounding them to the 3rd number after the comma: same problem.
    I can't figure out what is causing the problem. I need some help. please.

    edit: I tried to play the same file with MPCHC-BE x64 portable and the problem has practically disappeared.
    there is only a very perceptible lag on a single chapter, the one on which mpchc struggles the most, that is, it has the most lag.
    while the skip on the other chapters are fluid where stuttering used to be.

    I also tried to reencode the file at a lower resolution and it doesn't present any problem even on mpchc.
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