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  1. Hello,
    Sometimes I encounter BDrips, regular or 4K UHD, in opened folders or ISO, and their menus simply don't work.
    When accessing the menu the screen turns to black and that's it. Until I press stop nothing happens.
    I tried on 4 different media streamers brands (eGreat, Dune, Zidoo, Zappiti) and the result is consistent.
    I don't know how these specific rips were made and which tools were used.
    Is there anything I can check or modify to debug this problem?

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    If you want reliable menu playback, buy the movie and use an appropriate disc player for the format or buy the movie and rip it yourself so you have control over the process instead of leaving it up to the warez provider.

    [Edit]An appropriate Blu-ray player or UHD Blu-ray player is probably the best hardware available for accessing Blu-ray menus, especially BD-J menus, although backup copies of original discs are often not playable.
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