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  1. I want to convert 25 19min clips to from avi to MPEG-1/VCD. But I'd prefer to go to bed/work and have it run, rather than come back every 1.25hrs. Is there a way to do this with TMPGenc?

    If not is there another program that will (at or equal to TMPPGenc quaility?
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  2. Yes, it does. Load one of your clips to configure its encode settings and save the project as a .tpr file. Do the same with all your other clips. Then, access "Batch encode" from the the file menu and drag all of your project files into the batch window. Press "Run" and go to bed.
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    Create the project, save it. Do this your 25 times. Select "file"->Batch Encode--> add your 25 projects
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  4. AHH! I have to repeat it 25x for each clip, that's where I was making my mistake. Thanks guys! You'd think by now someone would come out with a TMPGenc faq and/or an M$ windows help file you could d/load+install ^_^
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