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  1. I have acquired a number of DVDs that have a single title (movie) on each (think old movies bought at Big Lots, Dollar General, etc.). Since they don't have extra features like trailers, commentaries, etc., the space used on the 4.7GB DVD is not much - sometimes less than 2GB.

    To save physical space, I am considering transferring these DVDs to Blu-rays (BR25 or BR50) with the thought that I might not have a computer to play the blu-rays. Two options that I can see are:
    • burn the multiple VIDEO_TS folders
    • convert each DVD to MP4 or MKV
    Obviously with the first option, I would like to retain the original menus, chapters, and, such. The obvious problem is how the blu-ray player would be able to present me with a menu or folder listing to select the desired movie and then play it as if it was the only movie on the disc. It seems that DVDFab's DVD to Blu-ray Converter will do something like this. I realize that playing the disc on a computer with VLC can accomplish this.

    I understand that the second option can be done without losing video or audio quality, with the converted files possibly even taking up less room than the original VIDEO_TS folders. The possible downside is a blu-ray player not playing MP4 or MKV files. Some type of menu interface (as opposed to a folder listing) would be desirable - especially if it facilitates easier playback and/or tricking the blu-ray player as to what it is seeing. I know there are a few apps out there that can do that, but, don't know how good they are. And, I don't know how much of the original menus they would be able to retain or emulate.

    I can easily scan and save JPG/TIF files of the DVD covers for future reference regardless of option chosen. I like the concept of retaining the "original/best quality" that comes with the DVD, but, I also trust the conversion process given that I use a quality converter and use the appropriate settings. I already have sufficient experience with DVD converting software, but, none to do the first option above.

    So, what are your experiences with doing something like this? Are there other options that I am not aware of?

    Edit: a third option occurs to me: create a BR50 data disc with a different folder for each DVD and simply burn the VIDEO_TS folders. I can play it with VLC on my computer and in the future I can try to execute one of the two options above in the case I might not have a computer any more.
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    You might get lucky and have it work on 1 out 10 blu-ray players,i rather just rip all the movies/tv episodes and play them as data disc,menus get boring after awhile and add to watching time.
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