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  1. I mean an ATSC receiver dongle that actually sends the demodulated MPEG-TS to the PC, and lets the packaged software decode the video from the TS, NOT the more typical kind that does MPEG-TS processing in the dongle and then just sends MPEG audio and video streams to the PC. The more typical kind loses a lot of the metadata stored in the TS, and when you have the software save a video file it's just a .mpg file with the video and audio streams stored. The kind of ATSC receiver dongle I'm looking for would actually allow you to save the transport stream itself to a .ts file (which can be played back in VLC player or FFPLAY, or actually have its metadata extracted with various software including MPEG-TS analysis software or FFPROBE).
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    It is likely that any ATSC PC tuner for Windows could work but you will probably need to use Graph Studio and build a filter graph to get what you want. Here is an example

    The HVR 2250 is a PCI-e card, which I don't have installed anymore.
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