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  1. Hi. I just bought the Dazzle dvc-100 today, and tested it out. I have previously bought the device, and have it do the same error. I'm guessing it is the software?

    Basically, it is just flickering all over the place, and the audio is distorted and also flickering.

    Here is a quick sample video:

    Please help me, someone!
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  2. Formerly 'vaporeon800' Brad's Avatar
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    If Windows 10, it sounds like the same problem described in this thread:
    (Formerly vaporeon800)
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  3. Hi There. I downloaded the updated driver from the thread you sent me. The video device has a much more stable & has much better audio. There are constant frame drops, and i dont know how to fix it. do you know?
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  4. Video Restorer lordsmurf's Avatar
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    Dropped frames is almost always related to lack of TBC.
    Are you using a TBC? If not, you must do so.
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