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  1. I'm trying to wrap my head around using DGindex. I want to clarify my workflow.

    I'm loading my vob files in Dgindex.
    then I click file>Save project and demux video.
    I then load my d2v file into AVSpmod to setup my avisynth script.
    I then make a bat file and encode with ffmpeg.

    Does this sound right? Do I remux the wav file DGindex spit out with the d2v file? Is the wav file just an un encoded audio file?

    How would I remux subs?
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  2. You don't need to demux the video -- just File -> Save Project (don't move the VOB files, Mpeg2Source() reads the data from them, not the exported M2V files). If you don't change the length of the video (ie, no cuts, pastes, trims, etc.) you can mux the audio (WAV, AC3, MP2) from DgIndex with your new video. Assuming the audio type is acceptable for your final product. You have to extract subs separately. Use a program like SubRip.
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