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  1. hello everyone. i am a contractor and want to do a time lapse video on a jobsite and unsure about the interval. For example, i am doing some interior remodeling and want to set my Go Pro-9 up in the main area. We will be working probably 8-12 hours a day. i will be moving the camera around a couple of times, on a tripod. i did a bunch of reading and it seems i need to have an interval of .5 or 1 second. i have a 512gb sd card, but will be moving the image to my laptop nightly to clear the card, i dont think file size will be an issue. i am using 4K

    couple of questions,
    - is .5 or 1 second correct?
    - will 30 frames work? or stick with 60 frames per second?

    i figure i want the final video to be under 2 minutes

    any other tips will help

    thank you everyone!
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    Running time (sec) = #Frames / FPS (frames per sec)

    Or F = Fps * S

    Simple math...solve using equivalence.

    F = Fps * S
    F = Fps * S
    and with time lapse
    F = F
    Fps * S = Fps * S
    If S = 120, (120sec being 2 minutes)
    You pick the variable you need and plug in the rest.

    For example, if you want the final (Fps) to run at 30fps, you pick a combination which fits.
    Fps * S = 30 * 120 = 3600 frames.

    This could be 2hrs at 0.5Fps (1 frame every 2 secs), or 8hrs at 0.125Fps (1 frame every 8 secs), or 24hrs at 0.04166Fps (1 frame every 24secs), or 240hrs at 0.004166Fps (1 frame every 2 minutes), etc.

    It doesn't have to be completely contiguous (day through night), but I strongly suggest you leave it locked down in the EXACT SAME spot the whole time (or the whole time for each "scene"), otherwise you will have some jarring continuity errors.

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  3. I did an 18 month timelapse project with gopro.

    I tended to change the capture rate depending on what action was happening. 1fps for action, one frame every five/ten seconds for less action

    I would suggest capture 1 frame every second for your project, as for wanting it to be under 2 minutes will be down to your editing skills, pulling out the best shots and dumping the rubbish shots.
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