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  1. Please help.
    I own a Blaupunkt RTV 846 VCR that is similar to Panasonic NV-HS900.
    Everything works except the Still /Pause button from the front panel.
    When I press it (with the shuttle in the middle position) instead of a still picture all I get is a slow-forward image.
    When I press it from the remote control, everything is ok, the vcr goes into pause mode.
    I've opened the front panel, took out and cleaned the jog-shuttle unit but nothing changed.
    I am suspecting that the jog-shuttle unit is from another model and is sending wrong signals about its position.
    Does anybody know why does it behave so strange?
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    Search PM should be ecstatic that you own a VCR that still works.
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  3. I am collecting some of these great machines, but I keep only the fully-functional ones.
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    Search PM
    How is this considered latest video news? I would be pissed if I was a moderator.
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