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  1. Hello there!
    I've bought many restored version of old movies and most of these are "director's cuts" version... I'd want to cutoff scenes that hasn't dubbing in my language.

    I've tried with Avidemux but, in most of these films, scenes starts and ends without keyframes and if I force the cuts, when I play file, players suffers and the scenes is corrupted...

    How can I edit this film in the correct way?

    I've ripped discs with DVDFAB in lossless (same as source) mkv container.

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  2. Try Videoredo. It can cut frame accurate.
    You could also try to find an other audiostream for your movie.
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  3. Thanks ProWo, I'll try Videoredo. I've seen/tried a lot of other audiostreams but, all of them has "only" the "official-first" released version, or, in some cases the actors's historical voices has changed, getting much worse!
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